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John-Lancaster Finley and Brandon Hill

Archived information from the 2015-2016 ASSU Executives John-Lancaster Finley and Brandon Hill.

    ASSU VP Brandon Hill, wearing a dark grey suit, stands to the left speaking and gesturing,  while ASSU President John-Lancaster Finley stands to the right looking on also wearing a grey suit.            ASSU VP Brandon Hill stands to the left as ASSU President John-Lancaster Finley on the right addresses the Faculty Senate.

Executive Cabinet

  • John-Lancaster Finley, President
  • Brandon Hill, Vice President
  • Natasha Patel, Chief of Staff
  • Eric Wilson, Funding
  • Joshua Seawell, Social Scene
  • Anja Young, Community Liaison Varsity Athletics
  • Zoe Goldblum, Jewish Community Liaison
  • Hannah Long, Sexual Assault
  • Sunny Huang, Exec Fellow
  • Chris Connolly, Community Liaison Disability Community
  • Katie Kirsch, Director of Communications
  • Ana Ordoñez, Latin@ Community Liaison
  • Carravita Pape-Calabrese, Community Liaison for Arts and Club Sports
  • Miles Brinkley, Black Community Liaison
  • Rosemond Ho, Exec Fellow
  • Robert  Young, Sustainability Issue Lead
  • Bright Zhou, Community Liason Asian American
  • Eric Theis, Treasurer
  • Kate Hassey, Social Impact
  • Chiamaka Ogwuegbu, Sustainability Issue Lead