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Jackson Beard and Amanda Edelman

Archived information from the 2016-2017 ASSU Executives Jackson Beard and Amanda Edelman.


During their term, ASSU Executives Jackson and Amanda started a free menstrual product distribution pilot, installed an emergency contraception vending machine at Old Union, championed a proposal for a "Diversity in the Field" requirement for each major, helped reform sexual violence policies and practices, pushed forward the renaming of buildings named after Junipero Serra, restructured the process for placing student representatives on university committees, and worked to better mental health policies.


Cabinet Information


Our names are Ana Sophia Mifsud and Zina Jawadi, and we are the Disability Community Leads.  We are here to represent undergraduates with disabilities and their allies.  Our goals for this year are to advocate for students with disability and to increase awareness about different types of disabilities

Disability Awareness Event in October
In honor of Disability Awareness Month, we are excited to announce our upcoming Disability Awareness Event on October 14 from 12 PM to 2 PM in White Plaza. Come hear the stories/experiences of Stanford students with disabilities, as well as hear about different student groups, initiatives, and university resources for students with disabilities.

Advocating for a Campus Center for Students with Disabilities
The Disability Community Team is advocating for a campus center for students with disabilities.  If formed, the campus center will allow students with disabilities to discuss their experiences, to have an accessible place on campus, and to increase awareness about disability.

Application to be on the Disability Community Committee
We are looking for members to be on the Disability Community Committee.  Members of this committee will work on either current projects (e.g., the Disability Awareness Event) or new projects.  The committee will work closely with our allies, such as Power2ACT.

If you are interested in being on the Disability Community Committee, please apply here:

Announcements from Affiliated Student Organizations
We plan to work closely with Power2ACT, Stanford's student organization for people with disabilities and their allies.  Please see announcements from Power2ACT.

Power2ACT SibFam Mentorship Program for Students with Disabilities
Power2ACT, Stanford's student organization with disability, is excited to announce its SibFam Program for the 2016-7 school year.  The purpose of the SibFam program is to provide individual mentorship and support from members of the Power2ACT community.

Power2ACT in Activities Fair
Stop by Power2ACT's booth at the Activities Fair!  If you are interested in being involved with Power2ACT, please contact Kartik Sawhney at or Zina Jawadi at

If you are interested in being involved with any of our projects, would like to share ideas for future projects, or have any questions, please contact and/or  Also, please email us about upcoming events related to disability to include in our future updates.


Hello we are the Academic team for this year's cabinet. We are hoping to address academic diversity in faculty and curriculum. In addition, we are working to make academic requirements and support more transparent as well as accessible.

We are in the process of getting a Diversity in the Major requirement established in order to ensure that every student will have critically reflected on matters of diversity by the time they graduate. We are working with Faculty Senate and C-USP to make this happen.

We are putting together infographics to clearly outline pre-reqs for majors, academic resources, and policies surrounding add/drop deadlines to help students navigate their academic experience.

Environmental Justice & Sustainability

This year, we aim to incorporate an environmental justice (EJ) framework into the forefront of campus’ sustainability narrative. Our goals include raising awareness about EJ on Stanford's campus so students know why it matters and how they relate to it, connecting students with off-campus EJ groups and campaigns, and supporting the ongoing work of on-campus social justice groups relating to environmental justice.

Our first main project is to organize an event similar to last year’s Stories of Sustainability (SOS), with an even more specific focus on environmental justice issues. We hope to partner with one or multiple bay-area environmental justice organizations to bring a diverse set of stories and perspectives to campus. Connecting students to the important work being done in our backyard will clarify that Stanford's sustainability is deeply tied to the environmental justice dilemmas of the bay area.

Historically, social justice organizations have led the charge on incorporating environmental justice into the work they do, but they have often been excluded from the "mainstream" environmental movement. To help bridge the gap between environmental groups and activist groups on campus, we will be hosting a mixer to celebrate the work being done on EJ at Stanford. It is our hope that this will foster further collaboration between people, projects, and groups.

In addition to the above, we will be working closely with administrative bodies working on campus sustainability to help incorporate an EJ framework into their work, evaluating Stanford students' current awareness/understanding of environmental justice, and facilitating communication between student groups and the administration to help push forward sustainability initiatives.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns about us or the work we’re doing this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Mental Health and Wellness 

Hey, it's Emma (she/her) and Hope (they/them), your Mental Health and Wellness Cabinet Leads! We care about the wellbeing of everyone at Stanford (seriously, we love you!) and also about dogs and good television. You can buy our love with cookies and guacamole--at the same time, of course. Understanding identities and individuals’ lived experiences is important to us, and we hope to incorporate a mindfulness of this in our work.

There are so many resources on this campus to help make Stanford the most fulfilling experience it can be for you--the problem is: not many of them have the visibility to be easily accessible to the majority of the student body. This quarter, we’re working on:

Creating a centralized and functional website for mental health resources.
We are working to develop a comprehensive resource website for mental health and well-being which can direct students to the support they need. We are working with the Mental Health Coalition (newly formed this year!) to ensure that students know about the wide variety of options, such as peer support groups, community-centric counseling, and professional services like CAPS, amongst many others. Once finished, the site will also have an up-to-date calendar of wellbeing-centered events that we’d love to see everyone at!

We also recognize that many people benefit from talking to a professional, so we're also:

Working with CAPS to improve intake procedures and decrease wait times.
We have met with Jim Jacobs, the new director of Vaden, to see how we can work with CAPS to improve the initial contact students have with CAPS. He’s very interested in student feedback and is working to roll out new online services to expand the breadth of CAPS availability to students.

We’re also hoping to make progress in the next three quarters on the following initiatives:

Administering a survey to gauge campus climate regarding mental health.
Working with admin to improve protocol for crises (5150s, forced leave, etc).
Identifying resources for overall wellness (anger management, grief, AA, etc).

Sexual Violence Prevention and Title IX 

The Sexual Violence team is working with Stanford administrators to provide 24 hour access to Plan B; enhancing the trainings on sexual violence for students, student groups, administrators, and panelists with Title IX and the Office of Community Standards; increasing transparency of Stanford’s reporting procedures and the issuing of no-contact orders, providing feedback to the Implementation Task Force on the new pilot program; and advocating on behalf of the student body for a reformed adjudication process.

More details to come!


Jackson stands on the left wearing a white long sleeves blouse. Amanda stands on the right wearing a blue long sleeve blouse. Behind them you can see the Stanford Quad's arches and Memorial Church in front of a clear blue sky.