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GrantEd Trainings

All four (4) GrantEd trainings are published through STARS in Axess. If you have never used GrantEd before, please first log in to so your profile is created. Once your trainings have been completed, your hold will be lifted on the next business day. If you require us to lift the hold immediately for urgent reasons, contact us at with proof of training completion.

1A: Financial Policies and Practices for VSO Leaders - STARS Code: SSE-1000

        **Required for all VSO leadership (President/Vice President/FO)

        **Duration is less than 45 minutes

2A: Submitting Documentation and Initiating a Reimbursement in GrantEd  - STARS Code: SSE-1001

        **Optional, recommended for Stanford Affiliates

        **Duration is less than 10 minutes

3A: Making Financial Transactions in GrantEd - STARS Code: SSE-1002

        **Required for FOs only

         **Duration is less than 25 minutes

4A: Making Funding Requests in GrantEd - STARS Code: SSE-1003

         **Required for FOs only

         **Duration is less than 25 minutes