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Title IX Notice and Comment

What are the proposed changes to Title IX?

Secretary DeVos's proposal is 149 pages long and can be found in full here. Some of the most significant changes are summarized here.


How might Stanford's policies change as a result of the proposed regulations?

At the ASSU's request, Stanford has put together a preliminary document detailing what some initial changes to Stanford policy may be. You can read the analysis here.


How do I submit a comment?

You can submit a comment at this site until January 28, 2019. If you need tips on how to write a strong comment, we recommend you check out the resources at, attend our notice and comment workshop on Friday, Nov. 30 from 4-5 pm in Kingscote 306, and/or stop by our office hours (see below for times).


The Enough is Enough Voter Project is also running a postcard campaign. If you are interested in submitting a handwritten comment, you can find more information here. They will provide the postcards, instructions and sample comments, and even pay for the postage!


How is the ASSU responding?

We are working to respond on a number of fronts to this dangerous proposal. First, we are concerned that the 60 day period for submitting comments is too short given that the majority of the period falls during final exams and winter break. Read the letter we signed with 600+ students to urge Secretary DeVos to extend the notice and comment period beyond 60 days.

We have introduced legislation in the Undergraduate Senate and Graduate Student Council so that we can submit a comment to the Dept. of Education on behalf of the entire ASSU. You can email with any suggestions and additions that you would like to see reflected in the legislation.

The ASSU Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition is drafting a comment for students to sign on to. You can submit suggestions at this link.

We will also be working closely with student goverments across the country to organize a coordinated response with our peers. You can view our joint comment, signed by over 70 student body presidents here.


Ways to Get Involved and Learn More:

Self-Care Space and Office Hours:

  • Friday, 11/30/18 from 3-4 pm in Kingscote 306


Comment Writing Workshop

  • Friday, 11/30/18 from 4-5 pm in Kingscote 306


White Plaza Informational Tabling: 

  • Tuesday, 11/27/18 from 11-1 pm
  • Wednesday, 11/28/18 from 11-2 pm
  • Thursday, 11/29/18 from 11-2 pm


Winter Quarter Office Hours:

  • Jill Thomas, Title IX Coordinator (Kingscote 2nd floor)
    • Thursday, 1/10/19 from 11:30am-12:30pm
    • Friday, 1/11/19 from 11:30am-12:30pm
  • Emma Tsurkov, ASSU Co-Director of Sexual Violence Prevention (Room 30A, Building 120)
    • Wednesday, 1/16/19 from 1:30-4:30pm
  • ASSU Sexual Violence Coalition