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Student Org Grants

The ASSU provides a number of grants to support  for student organizations' costs.



Annual Grants

Standard Grants

Quick Grants


Large, but predictable



When to Apply

How far ahead can you predict & plan?


(Winter Quarter in the year before)


(Fri Week 7 in the quarter before)


(Week before)

Main Decider

Student Body

Undergrad Senate or Grad Council

Respective legislative funding committee

Yearly Cap

Generally, 5% above previous annual grant

Up to $6,000 combined; but no more than $1,000 per quick grant


More info on Annual Grants

  1. All expenses in your request must be predictable. This requirement can be fulfilled by providing either:
    • A quote or an invoice for an expense
    • Proof of historical expenditure related to your estimated expense.
  2. For recently approved student groups, you must be off probation as set by Student Activities and Leadership.
    • Your probation end date should be listed in the contract letter that VSO founders receive after completing the new student organization application process.
  3. If your VSO has a significant number of graduate students or benefits the entirety of the student body, the ASSU may ask you apportion you budget request accross both populations.
  4. Annual Grants should not be expected to cover all expenses your VSO has, as such, FOs should make efforts to obtain funding from alternative sources.

For more information regarding the Annual Grants application process, please refer to the ASSU's information sheet found here.