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What is GrantEd?

GrantEd is the VSO financial management system managed by Stanford Student Enterprises' Capital Group, the financial arm of the ASSU. As all VSOs are required to conduct all financial transactions through the ASSU, GrantEd is the platform where these financial transactions can be conducted. The URL for GrantEd is linked above and reads


How did GrantEd come to be?

Launched in July 2018, GrantEd was part of a two-year collaborative partnership between ASSU, University IT, the Office of the University President and Provost, and Student Affairs to better serve contemporary student needs. As the successor to the old financial management system myGroups (see below), GrantEd was created with these improvements in mind:


  1. Improve students’ user experience with a more streamlined, intuitive platform
  2. Enhance data security
  3. Improve accessibility for students with disabilities
  4. Make the platform mobile-friendly
  5. Offer a platform solution for decentralized student organization funding
  6. Improve institutional knowledge maintenance for student organization
  7. Offer direct deposit and faster reimbursements, and improve VSO secured credit cards to reduce student burden in fronting money for their organizations
  8. Allow any student to initiate a reimbursement
  9. Allow Financial Officers to increase their focus on proper financial management


What is myGroups?

From 2004 - 2018, myGroups was the ASSU-provided web platform that student organizations used to apply for ASSU grants and conduct financial transactions. It is managed by SSE Capital Group.

If you have any questions about myGroups or past transactions from myGroups, please contact the Director of SSE Capital Group, Kaila Kim: