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Erica Scott and Isaiah Drummond

Archived information from the 2019-2020 ASSU Executives Erica Scott and Isaiah Drummond.


Our Mission

We, the ASSU Executive Branch, strive to facilitate engagement between students, workers, faculty, staff, and the community at large. In collaboration with these groups, we act in support of community needs both on and off campus. We hold ourselves and those we work with responsible for improving and maintaining high standards of accountability and transparency.


Cabinet Directory


Our Initiatives

The entire ASSU Executive is dedicated to making the Stanford campus a place where everyone feels that they belong and can be successful. Our primary goals for this year fall under three key categories: (1) elevating student voices both within and beyond the University, (2) improving our community wellness by fighting for resources and recognition for all students, and (3) expanding the University's definition of community in order to protect the interests of campus service workers, the local community and the environment.

To help us achieve these goals, the ASSU Executive oversees a dedicated team of cabinet members who are responsible for specific initiatives. You can see a full list of our cabinet members and their initiatives here.

We’re here to serve you, so if you ever have questions about our work or want to get in touch with us, we encourage you to shoot us an email at any point in the year.


End of Term Report

Our End of Term Report includes updates about the initiatives that we worked on this year and the projects that our Cabinet worked on. Check it out to see how the ASSU has made progress on some of its most important issue areas. Our report is available as a PDF as well as a Google Doc.


Newsletter Archives

06/03/20 - End-of-Term Report
05/30/20 - Statement of Solidarity from Black ASSU Leadership
05/19/20 - ASSU Response to People's Caucus Incident
04/15/20 - Callisto Expiration and Stanford Polls
03/25/20 - Proposed Changes to Spring Quarter Grading Policies
03/17/20 - Additional COVID-19 Resources 
03/15/20 - Campus Support and COVID-19
03/02/20 - Super Tuesday Watch Party & Airport Shuttles
02/19/20 - Stanford's Budget, University Committees, and more
01/25/20 - Winter Quarter Events
01/13/20 - Winter Quarter Update
12/04/19 – Apply to the Judicial Charter Review Committee
11/11/19 – Airport Shuttles and Opportunities for Student Engagement
10/20/19 – Rally for Affordable Housing & Supporting Chanel Miller
10/02/19 – Welcome Back to the Farm

ASSU Special Committees

During Spring Quarter 2019, the ASSU recognized the need to change how it addresses student concerns and focus on incorporating more student input in its various initiatives, while also making the work that it does more transparent and readily available to the average student. With these goals in mind, the ASSU created 13 Special Committees, each focused on a specific aspect or project related to student advocacy on campus. ASSU President Erica Scott invited all members of the Stanford community in addition to various ASSU leaders to form and participate in these Committees. The names, chair contract information, and mission statement can be found in the following table, with links to detailed project information also provided.

Committee Name

Chairs Mission statement
Course Fees

Martin Altenburg

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Food Insecurity

Irán Roman

Jeff Rodriguez

Free Speech and Political Engagement

Eva Davis

Disability Advocacy Rachel Wallstrom
Gender Inclusion Eren Yürek
Funding Projects to Improve Campus Life Tim Vrakas
Sexual Violence and Relationship Abuse Prevention

Krithika Iyer

Sarah Saboorian

Community Responsibility Olivia Fu
Faculty Diversity Bryce Bagley
FLI Advocacy

Jeff Rodriguez

Jennalei Louie

Free Printing Credit Jonathan Lipman
Elections Christian Giadolor
Mental Health and Wellness

Jennalei Louie

Julia Thompson