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Annual Grants

Annual Grants are intended for expenses that are flexible and predicted accurately. Groups receiving Annual Grants are also able to receive smaller Standard and Quick Grants (see the Financing section). Annual Grants are not private and all students have the right to see your budget and expenditures.

All VSOs seeking an Annual Grants allocation for the next academic year must obtain approval from the entirety of the Stanford student body and thus must participate in the elections process. There are two ways that a VSO may obtain ballot access:

Path 1: Typical Process

  1. Submit an Annual Grants application to the appropriate legislative body (either the Undergraduate Senate or the Graduate Student Council).
  2. Have the appropriate legislative body approve their VSO budget for placement on the General Elections & Annual Grant Approval ballot.

Path 2: Petitioning

If a VSO goes through the Usual Process and is not content with their recommended allocation, they may still obtain ballot access. These are the steps:

  1. Submit a petitioning declaration through our filing form which will be open from March 10-19 (end of Winter Quarter). You can submit a petition here
  2. Obtain 15% of signatures from the relevant Association population on the Primary Elections & Annual Grant Petitioning ballot (either graduates or undergraduates).
  3. Obtain confirmation from the Elections Commission that the signatures the VSO submitted are valid.

***NOTE: All Annual Grants are subject to the predictability requirements laid out by the ASSU Constitution. As such, no VSO may petition for an expense that has not been documented as outlined in the Usual Process.

If a group successfully petitions, their annual grant request will be placed on the ASSU General Election Ballot - alongside a statement from the relevant legislative body on why that body did not recommend your group's original budget request.

If your group unsuccessfully petitions, you will no longer be eligible for an annual grant this year. However, you will still have access to ASSU standard and quick grants, as well as other University funding sources such as The Stanford Fund Partnership Program (TSF).