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Get on the Ballot

**Please note that because of COVID-19, we will be delaying the 2020 ASSU Elections until Monday, May 18th and Tuesday, May 19th. Please see the new 2020 Elections timeline here. If you have questions regarding the timeline, please email**


Once a year, Stanford students get to vote for the issues and candidates that will serve their interests.  There are three ways in which the student population can use elections to impact student life and policies on campus:

  1. Elect student leaders;
  2. Pass popular legislation items, including initiatives and advisory referenda;
  3. Approve special funding and annual grants for student groups and initiatives.

This section details how students can run for office, propose legislation, and get their annual grants applications on the ballot through the ASSU's petitions process. Please also take some time to read the Commission's candidate information guide, as well as the slides from the candidate information session.

Please note that only currently enrolled Stanford students' signatures are considered valid for all petitions. Neither the Elections Commission, nor the ASSU, has the authority to designate who is a Stanford student, and as such, all signatures will be verified using the most recently available enrollment data from the University. Furthermore, no one may seek signatures during University classes or interfere with the execution of a University function.