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**Please note that because of COVID-19, we will be delaying the 2020 ASSU Elections until Monday, May 18th and Tuesday, May 19th. Please see the new 2020 Elections timeline here. If you have questions regarding the timeline, please email**

Endorsement Policy

Candidates may seek the endorsement of any student group/coalition that exists on campus. These endorsements shall not appear on the ballot, but candidates may include them in their candidate statement on the petitions website. Please note that while groups may have their own endorsement process that they advertise and lay out, all endorsements that candidates receive must be registered with the Elections Commission.

If you are a student group on campus interested in endorsing candidates for the 2019 ASSU Election, please reach out to the Commission at

Registered Endorsement Groups

Endorsement groups who have registered with the Commission will be listed here, along with relevant information for candidates interested in seeking these endorsements:

Stanford Womxn's Coalition: Apply here by Thursday, April 4 at 12pm. Interviews will be conducted April 4 and 5.