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Campaign Regulations

**Please note that because of COVID-19, we will be delaying the 2020 ASSU Elections until Monday, May 18th and Tuesday, May 19th. Please see the new 2020 Elections timeline here. If you have questions regarding the timeline, please email**


It is important that all campaigners, whether for candidates or student organizations, adhere to the regulations laid out by the ASSU Elections Commission. These regulations are designed to ensure a fair and equal playing ground between all people participating in the election. Please note that if the Elections Commission is made aware of any infractions, the person in question will be notified and shall have 24 hours to resolve the issue or risk losing ballot access.


Participants must:

  1. Follow University policy at all times.
  2. Adhere to Campaign Finance regulations.
  3. Respect dorm policies regarding flyering.
    • Note: If you are flyering in another dorm, you must be accompanied and escorted by a resident of that dorm while flyering.
  4. Have flyers fall with a square inch limit: 11in x 11in.
  5. Have banners be smaller that 18 square feet.

Participants may:

  1. Form campaigning coalitions.
  2. Use White Plaza for tabling and chalking. Please note that amplified sound is only allowed between 12pm - 1pm and must follow the policies outlined here.
  3. Seek endorsements from Student Organizations and Coalitions. Please refer to the next section for information regarding endorsements.
  4. Campaign during both voting days.

Participants cannot:

  1. Make rude or offensive remarks and advertisements.
  2. Illegally appropriate logos for personal use.
  3. Chalk anywhere outside of White Plaza.
  4. Tape down flyers outside of designated flyering areas.
  5. Abuse their authority for personal gain (especially as a member of Residential Staff):
    • Do not refuse other candidates access to a dorm if they wish to campaign.
    • Do not unfairly utilitize house/hall meetings.
    • Do use common sense.
  6. Coerce, watch, or in anyway direcly influence voters while they cast their ballot.
    • ​Note that candidates may campaign during voting days, but they should refrain from direct communication with anyone in the process of casting their ballot. 


Each candidate category has a campaign finance limit which will be enforced to the extent practical. Any campaign funds from non-ASSU sources (i.e. current students, student organizations, and Association entities) must be reported to the Commission and itemized. Candidates/slates must not spend more than the following on campaign communications:

  1. ​Executive Slates: $500
  2. Class President Slates: $100
  3. Undergraduate Senate Candidates: $100
  4. Graduate Student Council Candidates: $100

All candidates are expected to follow the campaign finance regulations listed under the Elections Campaign Finance tab found here.

The slides from the 2019 Candidate Orientation can be found here

All campaign finance expenditures must be reported through GrantEd. Please see the candidate orientation slides for instructions. When calculating your expenditures, please note that:

  1. Gifts and donations must be included.
  2. Any campaign funds spent in order to send emails on a Stanford email list will not count towards the limit.
  3. All campaigns should note that they may be subject to an audit of their expenditures and as such, itemized receipts are required.

Public Financing The ASSU provides a public financing option for candidates. For more information, please reach out to the Commission at