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Elections Commission

2019 ASSU Election Preliminary Results

A complete list of qualified candidates running in the 2019 ASSU Spring Election can be found here.

Campaigning Period: Monday, April 1 - Thursday, April 11

2019 ASSU Election: Wednesday, April 10 - Thursday, April 11

About the Elections Commission

The ASSU Elections Commission is an independent body of the ASSU that:

  • Oversees Stanford elections fairly and transparently
  • Sets elections policies with help from students and ASSU leadership
  • Educates candidates about elections policies
  • Informs student groups about the Annual Grants approval process
  • Helps voters learn about issues and candidates efficiently

Elections matter to every Stanford student because they are your chance to choose how we spend millions of dollars and pick the future leaders of the student body. The Elections Commission ensures that every student has a fair and free opportunity to vote on the issues that matter to them.

Information for Voters

Prior to the election in April, voters will be able to view information about candidates, slates, and issues at Please also take some time to read the Commission's voter information guide. On Election Day, each eligible voter will receive an email with an individualized link to their personal ballot. For Senate elections, you can choose to vote for up to 15 candidates.  For Executive positions, voters will use a Ranked Voting system where you will be asked to rank Executive Slates depending upon your preferences.  The elections results will be announced several days after the election.


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments regarding the Elections Commission and its processes, don't hesitate to contact the Elections Commission at the emails listed below:

Jacob Randolph ( - ASSU Elections Commissioner,  Class Presidents 

Christian Giadolor ( - Assistant Commissioner for Executive Elections and Annual Grants 

Kevin Li ( - Assistant Commissioner for Undergraduate Senate and Graduate Student Council