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Election 2021

Election 2021 Results

On behalf of the Elections Commission, thank you for your participation in the 2021 ASSU Election. The following results have been confirmed by the Association legislative bodies. A detailed report of the results can be found in the result archives.  


President Christian Giadolor
Vice President Cricket Bidleman


Undergraduate Senate

  1. Darryl Thompson
  2. Michaela Phan
  3. Emily Nichols
  4. Marion Santo
  5. Amira Dehmani
  6. Alain Perez
  7. Gabby Crooks
  8. Sarah Saboorian
  9. Cayla Withers
  10. Jaden Morgan
  11. Jordan McElroy
  12. Aden Beyene
  13. Kamau MuseMorris
  14. Joshua Jankelow
  15. Nikhil Lyles

Graduate Student Council

  1. Latifah Hamzah
  2. Yiqing Ding
  3. Gabriela Basel
  4. Sanna Ali
  5. Jamie Fine
  6. K.C. Shah
  7. Adam Keppler
  8. Tim Vrakas
  9. Elena Shao
  10. Camilo Ruiz
  11. Thomas Dougtery
  12. Brooks Bernard
  13. Jyotirmai Singh
  14. Meghan Shea
  15. Tie (Jarita Greyeyes and Emily Schell)

Class Presidents

Sophomore The Treehouse
Junior Tree Huggers

The Stanford LorAXE


  • All undergraduate and graduate Annual Grants were approved.
  • All general amendments and undergraduate amendments were not adopted.