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Apply to Serve on Nominations Commission

The term for the seven NomCom members begins at the start of Spring Quarter and runs through the end of the next Spring Quarter. Nominations Commission is responsible for appointing students to the many University Committees that help formulate University academic and administrative policy. The applications for serving on the Commission can be found here

Apply to Serve on a University Committee

University Committees are critical to allowing students' voices to be heard at the administrative level. The Board of Trustees, the Academic Council, the Provost, the President, the Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Chief Information Officer convene almost 50 committees for yearlong terms to address a variety of issues affecting all walks of student life. Students that are nominated by the ASSU Nominations Commission to serve on University Committees work together with faculty, administrators, alumni, and trustees to enhance the welfare of the Stanford community as a whole. Sitting as a member can therefore be a very rewarding experience and an excellent opportunity to voice your opinions and subsequently contribute to the community. Details for all University Committees positions can be found here.