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Nominations Commission

About Nominations Commission

The Nominations Commission (NomCom) is a branch of the ASSU composed of seven graduate and undergraduate students. It is responsible for nominating students as voting members to university committees, including the Board of Trustee committees, academic policy committees, and many more!

It is essential that student voices are present in shaping University policies, and NomCom makes this possible. NomCom acts as an important interface between University administrators, ASSU, and the student body throughout the year by establishing processes which address their concerns and requirements.

Students nominated by the ASSU Nominations Commission to serve on University Committees work with faculty, administrators, alumni, and trustees to enhance the welfare of the Stanford community. Sitting as a member can therefore be very rewarding, an excellent opportunity to voice your opinions and subsequently contribute to the community.

The Board of Trustees, the Academic Council, the Provost, the President, the Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Chief Information Officer convene over 40 committees for yearlong terms to address issues affecting all walks of student life.

Student Eligibility

All registered students, Graduate and Undergraduate, are eligible to participate in the Nominations Commission process. Students on a “flex term” are also eligible. Students on a leave of absence are not eligible to serve on University Committees, however, they may apply to serve during their leave of absence and may begin their terms once on a flex term or fully registered. Due to the potential conflict of interest, members of the Undergraduate Senate & Graduate Student Council who are tasked with approving representatives will seldom be considered for university committee roles. Committee chairs can petition the respective bodies for members should they deem representation from the respective bodies necessary.

Interested in University Committees?

Interested in applying to serve on a university committee for the 21-22 academic year. Submit an application here.

Are you a committee point of contact requesting representation for the 21-22 academic year? Complete the student representative request form here.

Interested in Nominations Commission?

If you are interested in serving on Nominations Commission itself, apply here.

What does NomCom do?

  • Advertises for committee openings accross campus
  • Centralizes the applications and nominations process for all committee openings
  • Provides a legitimated process for filling committee openings

Why should University administrators use NomCom?

  • It saves time finding student representatives for openings
  • Helps to replace or fill unexpected committee openings during the year
  • Procides access to a diverse and far-reaching applicant pool
  • Provides direct ASSU Senate and Council approval
  • Consolidates over 300+ applications of interested students throughout the year for committee placement
  • Helps hold student representatives accountable

How does NomCom work?

NomCom works on the academic year schedule, placing most students in Committees during Spring Quarter to serve during the next academic year.

nomcom timeline

What is the usual application process?

NomCom creates an application which includes a resume upload, questions regarding student, interest, and qualifications. Students may apply for up to 3 committees. Applications usually open during the Fall and Spring Quarters. Want to learn more about the NomCom application process, here’s a useful link with more information on how the university committee application process works.

Application Timeline

  • 2-3 weeks: Applications open; marketing
  • 1 week: Application review and interview notification
  • 1 week: Applicant interviews
  • 1 week: NomCom deliberations and nominations
  • 1-2 weeks: Nominations are sent to the ASSU Senate and Council for approval

*Ad hoc placements can be made in a minimum of 3 days during normal application cycles and can potentially take up to 2 weeks for the rest of the year.


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