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ASSU Initiatives

ASSU's goal is to uplift student voices and make sure that in every administrative decision that impacts students, student voices are being heard as part of the decision making process, especially marginalized voices. We believe that many of the underlying issues facing the entire student body are a result of poor relationships between administration and students. The administration treats the ASSU Exec as a checkbox for seeking student input and approval. We will challenge this standard practice by emphasizing the need for continued and ongoing conversations, building upon the work of the last four executives, rather than a one and done approach. For example, we seek to continue and expand the model of the Stanford Coalition on Sexual Violence, created by the current executives, which has been incredibly powerful in bringing together student leaders, activists, and administrators for regular meetings. We stand for diversity and inclusion, housing access and affordability, student health and wellness, sexual violence policies, and graduate-undergraduate partnerships.


Stanford-Disability Organization Empowering Students (S-DOES)

In partnership with ASSU and other stakeholders such as the Office of Accessible Education, Schwab Teaching and Learning Center, BEAM, and other campus organizations, S-DOES builds community among students with visible and invisible disabilities. We strive to foster a sense of belonging. By connecting through conversations and the sharing of experiences, we hope to erase stigma. Look for social events throughout the year as well as a community outreach survey to tell your story.

Emergency Contraception Options

There are two on-campus options to purchase emergency contraception on-campus, one of which is the Vaden pharmacy. Through a partnership between ASSU and the SARA Office, in order to make contraception more accesible during evenings and weekends when Vaden is closed, emergency contraception can also be purchased on-campus in the All Gender restroom #114 in Old UnionThis vending machine accepts credit cards and the cost is $25. Visit here for more information.

Free Menstrual Products

Through a partnership with Aunt Flow, we have placed free menstrual hygiene products in restrooms at Arrillaga Family Dining Hall, the Graduate Community Center, and Kennedy Commons. We hope to expand this initiative to include additional buildings in the near future!

Task Force on Constitutional Reform

The Executive Committee has created a Task Force on Constitutional Reform to consider changes and updates to the ASSU Constitution. Over the summer, representatives from Exec, Senate, Graduate Student Council, and Stanford Student Enterprises will create a project charter. Proposed changes will be introduced publicly before the legislative bodies in the Fall.