Annual Grants are the ASSU’s yearly allocation process to raise and allocate funds to VSOs with significant budgets that are predictable a full year in advance. They help fund student-led activities that contribute significantly to the Stanford community.

All Annual Grants must contain only predictable expenses. This ensures that the costs that the student body will shoulder are tangible and clearly defined. As you draft your budget, please include any necessary documentation to help contextualize your line items (e.g. vendor invoices for services expected). You may also use ASSU-set per-person allocations to help estimate the cost of your event (e.g. if the ASSU covers dinner at $8 per person and you are expecting 50 people for a dinner event, your food cost estimate would be $400 without need for documentation).  

Please note that other factors may lead to recommended or required budget adjustments. In order to maintain the stability of the Student Activities Fee, we ask that VSO budgets do not increase by more than 7% for undergraduate groups and currently 5% for graduate groups over a given year unless there is an exhibited change in operations that warrants the increase, other factors may lead to recommended or required budget adjustments, even with reasoning for a budget increase in excess of % increase cap.

All expenses in your request must be predictable. This requirement can be fulfilled by providing either:

  • A quote or an invoice for an expense
  • Proof of historical expenditure related to your estimated expense.

Your VSO must be recognized, have no outstanding debts, and not on a OSE-mandated probation.

Your probation end date should be listed in the contract letter that VSO founders receive after completing the new student organization application process with the Office of Student Engagement. 

If a significant number of members or beneficiaries of your VSO’s activities are both graduate and undergraduate students, the ASSU may split funding between the Undergrad and Graduate student bodies. If you are unsure if your VSO is classified as a joint-group, please reach out. 

There are several groups that fall under the two umbrella groups (Club Sports and Asian American Students’ Association), who are responsible for applying and distributing annual grant funds to it’s sub-groups. If you are an FO of a sub-group, you will not submit your own annual grant application, instead work with the umbrella group FO to plan out your budget.

If you are the FO of an Umbrella Group, you must detail the expenses of your constituent groups in your application as well. To ease this burden, you should involve your constituent FO’s in the budgeting process as much as you are able.

Annual Grants should not be expected to cover your VSO’s entire budget. FO’s should make efforts to obtain funding from alternative sources such as TSF, academic departments, Stanford Arts, etc. Please note that groups that receive Annual Grants are not eligible to receive Standard and Quick Grant applications for that same academic year.


  1. Start by creating your group’s Annual Grant application on GrantEd, found under the ‘Funding’ tab. Review current ASSU Funding Policies while completing the application.
  2. Upload required documentation and fill in the details for each line on your GrantEd application. Only documentation on GrantEd will be considered (i.e. no email submissions).
  3. We recommend you attend relevant office hours during the application period (Week 2 – 4), Undergrad Senate and Grad Council appropriations committees office hours below (if you are a joint group, consider attending both sets of office hours). If you can’t attend office hours, send an email to the appropriate committee so it can be considered.
  4. The Committee will conduct a review to issue preliminary recommendations. Once those recommendations are published, VSOs will have until February 17th to submit a revised budget.
  5. Once the Senate takes its final vote on the Annual Grants package, if your VSO wishes to ask for more than the funding recommended, begin the petition process. Note that VSOs who are unsuccessful in their petition will NOT have ANY Annual Grant on the ballot.
Week 2Monday, January 16th Application Opens at 1:00 AM
Week 4Friday, February 3rdApplication Closes at 11:59 PM
Week 5February 4th - 10thReview Period (VSOs will be notified of recommendations by February 10th)
Week 5 & 6February 11th - 17thRevision Period
Week 6February 13th - 17thInitial Recommendations sent to Undergraduate Senate & Graduate Student Council
Week 7February 20th - 24thGoverning Bodies vote on Final Recommendations
Week 8 February 25th - March 4thPetition Period
Spring - Week 2April 13th & 14thSpring Elections



Zoom Link For Office Hours. Live Calendar of ASSU Office Hours.

Attending Funding Committee Office Hour Requirement will be waived this application cycle. We HIGHLY recommend you stop by SSE Office Hours for support with filling out the application or feedback. While SSE doesn’t do the grant approval, we have the highest knowledge of funding guidelines and policies. 

For annual grant related-questions, please email