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All Campus Email Updates

Archived information from the 2018-2019 ASSU Executives Shanta Katipamula and Rosie Nelson.

Executive Update No. 1 - Get involved with student government!

A detailed listing of our cabinet positions and priorities for the 2018-2019 school year. 

Executive Update No. 2 - Title IX Coordinator Search Process Updates

Learn more about our involvement with the Title IX Coordinator search process. You can also read coverage of our fight to ensure students were involved here and here.

Executive Update No. 3 - Spring Quarter Report

Read the full report on our Spring 2018 work here.

Executive Update No. 4 - Welcome Back to the Farm!

Back to school announcements from the various branches of the ASSU and a brief explanation of the ASSU structure and services. 

Executive Update No. 5 - Help us help you!

Give us feedback on our goals for the year and tell us about your undergraduate living experience to shape our feedback to the ResX Task Force.

Executive Update No. 6 - Undergraduate Mental Health Townhall

More details on the townhall, updates regarding Fall 2018 waivers, and our Disbability Equity Now initative. 

Executive Update No. 7 - Rally for Disability Equity and Addressing Food Insecurity On-Campus

Cabinet iniatitives addressing disabiltiy equity, food insecurity, mental health, and solidarity with transgender and gender non-binary students. 

Executive Update No. 8 - Proposed Title IX Changes

Learn more about how we're advocating for student rights in the face of newly proposed Title IX regulations. 

Executive Update No. 9 - Fall Quarter Report, University Budget Survey, and Ways to Get Involved

End of quarter reflections from the various branches and cabinets of the ASSU with general campus updates. Read the full ASSU Exec report on our Fall 2018 work here

Executive Update No. 10 - Administrator Office Hours, Demystifying Stanford's Grievance Processes

More details on the ASSU petitioning period, Title IX FAQs, Administrative office hours and working through the grievence process at Stanford.