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Stanford columns on the Quad

Public Meetings

Undergraduate Senate, Tuesdays at 8 pm PT on Zoom & Slack, Zoom link for each meeting is here and the password is 123456

Undergraduate Senate Appropriations Committee Meetings, Sunday Nights on Zoom/Slack

Graduate Student Council, Zoom link for each meeting is here and the password is 802917


Contact Us

The ASSU/SSE Offices are located at:

520 Lasuen Mall

Old Union, Suite 103

Stanford, California, 94305

Our hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday excluding University holidays


If you have inquiries regarding:


  • Undergraduate student group funding, please email
  • Graduate student group funding, please email
  • The Graduate Student Council, please email
  • The Undergraduate Senate, please email
  • GrantEd help/feedback or GrantEd STARS trainings, please email
  • Student Activity Fee Waiver, please email
  • ASSU Executive Committee, please email
  • ASSU Nominations Commission, please email
  • ASSU Constitutional Council, please email
  • ASSU Elections, please email
  • The Legal Counseling Office, please email
  • Stanford Student Enterprises, please email