2017-2018 Grant Guidelines

If you are looking to apply for funding from the ASSU Undergraduate Senate, all applications must conform to our Funding Guidelines. For a brief overview of the types of funding we provide VSOs at Stanford, please review THIS DOCUMENT. After determining what VSO Grant you wish to apply for, you can find our policies:

  • For Annual Grant line items HERE.
  • For Standard/Quick line items HERE.

After submission, you must attend an office hours time listed below in order to have your application process by the Appropriations Committee. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Committee at

Spring Quarter Standard Grants

The process to apply for a Spring Quarter Standard Grant is now open. Please refer to THIS DOCUMENT for details of the process and how to apply. Please note the deadline is February 23rd, 2018 and you must attend an office hours listed below to have your application processed by the Committee before then.


The Appropriations Committee

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers:

October 16, 2016