Funding Guidelines

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Please, make sure to check our new funding policy guidelines before you submit any requests for funding.


The Appropriations Committee

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers:

October 16, 2016

RE: Update on ASSU Student Activities Fee Waiver

All Stanford students enrolled in degree-granting programs pay the Student Activities Fee. The fee supports a massive breadth of campus activity that we often take for granted - within both the undergraduate and graduate communities. The fee directly funds student-led initiatives that are voted-on annually by students, or approved weekly by the ASSU legislative bodies.

As a student, you may opt to waive part or all of this fee, which Stanford University collects on the behalf of the ASSU. Waiving a fee means that you choose not to fund certain campus organizations, and do not intend to participate in any of the activities partly or fully supported by those organizations. Waiving this fee does not constitute "free money".

This quarter, the ASSU implemented a new waiver system. During the transition, we have had technical difficulties:

  • Initially, the site would not redirect to the actual waiver portal. This has since been resolved. We are exploring long-term solutions to this problem.
  • Some co-terms have dual status as both undergraduate and graduate. These students were charged both a Graduate and Undergraduate Student Activities Fee. For these students, the new system did not effectively process their waiver options. We are actively working to ensure that those affected are able to waive part or all of both fees.

Due to the technical difficulties, we will extend the waivers process for this quarter by two weeks to Friday, October 28th at 11:59 pm. The ASSU is sincerely grateful for your patience throughout this process, as we work to best serve you. There has never been any intent to disempower students who wish to responsibly waive their fees.

If you have any further questions about the process, please email Assistant Financial Manager, Sean Means smeans2 ‘at’

Fall 2016

The waiver site is now open and can be accessed through this link The waiver process will run from the first Friday through the third Friday of every quarter based on the undergraduate calendar, excluding the summer quarter. This quarter, Autumn 2016, the waiver process will run from Friday, September 30 through Friday, October 14.

Please be aware that waiving your fee can have actual implications. This is not free money. By waiving your fee, you are choosing not to fund certain groups on campus. It also means that you do not intend to participate in any of the activities that might be put on by the groups whose fee you have waived. While you do have a right to waive part or all of your student activities fee, please do so responsibly and with the understanding of what waiving your fee means.    

New Updates

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Hi everyone,

We will be having one summer funding session on September 2. This is primarily for groups that have an event organized within the first 2 weeks of school.

If you are one of these groups, please submit a funding application on myGroups, and send an email to with your application number by August 25th, and we will be sending an email with more information on the funding session time.

If you need to pay for an NSO boothe, submit a funding application with only a registration expense for the boothe, and then send an email to with your application number. If the NSO boothe is the only request in the application, you do not need attend the funding session, and your application will be approved.

Cenobio Hernandez
Chair of the Appropriations Committee


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Beginning today, the 17th Undergraduate Senate Appropriations Committee is implementing a new office hour system to review all Standard Grant request as well as answer questions. The new system works as follows:

  1. As always, submit a myGroups request online following the 2015-2016 Standard Grant guidelines
  2. You no longer require an appointment time.  Instead, you must come to any available office hour time (listed here) at least 1 week before your event (e.g. if your event is on a Saturday, you must come in the Friday 8 days before).
  3. All applications received each week will be reviewed on Sunday evening and approved at the following senate meeting.

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding funding, you are encouraged to visit any office hours.

We are increasing our available appointments opportunities from 1.5 hours a week to 5 hours a week to make ourselves more available for application review and answering general questions.  Office hours will begin today (1-2 pm) and are currently listed for the rest of the month.

As always, if you cannot make an appointment for some reason and/or have an urgent request, you may bring it directly to the full Senate, 7 pm in Nitery 209.  However requests brought to the full senate will be subject to great scrutiny and are less likely to be approved than if they were brought to Appropriations Office Hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or attend office hours.


Justice Tention, Chair of Appropriations
17th Undergraduate Senate
Appropriations Committee