All Stanford students enrolled in degree-granting programs pay the Student Activities Fee. The fee supports a massive breadth of campus activity that we often take for granted - within both the undergraduate and graduate communities. The fee directly funds student-led initiatives that are voted-on annually by students, or approved weekly by the ASSU legislative bodies.

As a student, you may opt to waive part or all of this fee, which Stanford University collects on the behalf of the ASSU. Waiving a fee means that you choose not to fund certain campus organizations, and do not intend to participate in any of the activities partly or fully supported by those organizations. Waiving this fee does not constitute "free money".

The process for waiving the Student Activities Fee runs from the first Friday of the quarter based on the Undergraduate schedule through the third Friday of the quarter excluding the Summer quarter. Each quarter you can access the waiver by going to assu.stanford.edu/waivers. After that time the waiver process for that quarter will close. You should see the change on your university around the seventh week of the quarter.

If you have any further questions about the process, please contact assu-support@lists.stanford.edu.